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I found out from this post that LJ has removed the secure https login, leaving only the insecure http login

So all LJ passwords have likely been or will be harvested for hacking.


I'm off to DW. My LJ updates will be READ ONLY x-posts from DW. Do not comment here any longer, please -- you won't get a reply!

ETA: As I understand it from LJ's own OpenID login FAQ, one can use OpenID on LJ because using an OpenID login/password completely bypasses. The relevent section says:

Identity accounts use a trust relationship between LiveJournal and the identity service to allow you to comment on LiveJournal using an identity others will recognize without having to create a standard LiveJournal account. LiveJournal does not gain access to your password for the identity service and the identity service does not gain access to your LiveJournal password if you have one.

So, for those comms that don't have a backup/sister comm on DW, I'm going to use my OpenID login to LJ.

If your OpenID is through LiveJournal, your password goes through Livejournal -- through the less secure http standard, which is easy to hack for password theft.

If your OpenID is through another OpenID identity service -- such as Google/Gmail -- your password does not go through Livejournal, it goes to your OpenID identity service, which should use https (Google/Gmail does).

I hope that clarifies somewhat... I know it is confusing!

This also means I have to use Gmail Circles, which I kind of loathe (and don't use). But whatever... at least it's more secure.

creative works permissions

I haven't been withholding permission to do anything with my fic... more it just didn't occur to me, since I fic so rarely now, and I haven't got everything on AO3 (yet).

So, um, here's a permissions thingy, then:

Blanket permission to podfic as desired. I would be incredibly flattered.

Conditional permission to remix my fic: Please check with me first. Please no remixes of my fics or characterizations to include kidfic (unless it's canonical) or mpreg.

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Not that the world was beating down my door to read my mostly-inactive LJ... but sadly, the spammers were. ETA: all comments are now screened, but my LJ is no longer Friends-locked.

I'm not that active online due to relapsing repetitive strain injuries (tendinitis) from years of non-ergonomic computer work, way before I became an RN. When I first became a nurse, we were still charting on paper. But now we use computers all day at work for patient charting... so it's making my tendinitis flare-up. Badly.

Hospital policy against nurses' use of personal cell phones except on breaks/lunch means I can't use my cell-phone at work (yet it never seems to apply to residents, interns, fellows or doctors, which is pretty bullshit if you ask me). Oh well, I can never get a signal in the old-ass buildings anyway. And since we don't get assigned individual computers, and all our work on them is monitored, and pretty much everything on AO3, LJ and DW is NSFW... well, my only time for fannish stuff is evenings, at home, after my work day has aggravated the tendinitis. /o\

But if you see something here you like and/or it looks like we've got stuff in common (like fic! and favorite shows!), friend away!
So in the last 12 years when a ton of shit happened to me IRL (mostly repetitive strain injury-related, then a terrible combination of aging/sick parent related with job loss/layoff with returning to school/switching fields/careers), I fell of the Internet and out of fandom stuff for much of that time. I started to fall off around 2003-2004 due to severe bilateral tendinitis, and my absence was probably longest/participation was lowest from 2005 to around 2010 or 2011.

explanation of how I didn't know about terms like cis and non-binary and ace until I returned to online fandom and encountered these terms on Tumblr, with some history of my fannishness and love of slash and how the latter brought me into the former more than a couple decades agoCollapse )

But what do we call ourselves? Do we have a name outside fandom, in the larger world, or in academia or gender studies? Do women who love slash have a term specific just to the love of slash? (Was there ever an archaic term for this, like from centuries ago? because that would be so cool... though I doubt that women of yore were able to be "out"/open about how they felt about seeing two dudes together, at least not if they found it super-sexy and squee-worthy.)

If there is a term for "women who enjoy contemplating/imagining two men being romantically &/or sexually involved with each other," is that terminology dependent on how we identify sexuality-wise? (given that there seem to be as many LGBTQ women who dig slash as there are vanilla het chicks, possibly more, that seems unlikely)

Is liking slash it's own thing, separate and apart from gender and sexuality? (Are there male slash fen? who aren't LGBTQ? IDEK -- I truly don't. Would this term -- if one other than "slash fan/fen" exists -- apply to those guys as well as us females, or would any such terms distinguish between the genders of the slash-admirers?

Maybe cis and non-binary and ace are terminology formed within that particular confluence of university studies and fandom (that's certainly where I was and what I was doing when I got into fandom).

But "slash" was a term before people were able to get slash stories through email lists or off the 'net. (I am familiar with the history of the term "slash" and origins in fandoms like original ST or MUNCLE.)

Yaoi (as a term) became popular in the late 90s, but that more describes the genre itself, than us women who love it. (And I can't say I personally relate much to yaoi for the simple fact that 99.9 times out of 100, I am not into boy/boy or tween/tween m/m... For me personally, at least one of the "m"s in "m/m" has to be an actual adult man -- YMMV -- Plus I'm not a manga/anime fan, unless you count a crush on Racer X when I was about 6 years old... I totally ditched Speed Racer for Racer X *g*!).

While such a term might be specifically about fans who like to contemplate m/m romance/sex, I would think it Could not be exclusively about watching/contemplating m/m couples being romantic &/or having sex -- because so much slashfic in so many different fandoms is PG rated with no sex at all, or primarily portrays the m/m relationship as deep partnership/friendship expanding into the realm of more than platonic love, yet less than explicitly sexual.

So... It's an interesting question, and I really don't know the answer. This isn't the first time I've pondered this in the last several months... it's just that I finally bothered to post the question.

I suppose I am fine with the term "slash fan" -- I just wondered if there was another term.

(I do object somewhat to the term "slasher" even though it is most expedient, but only because of the potentially violent connotations of "slashing" and "slashers.")

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So I ficced some more in January... I'm trying to hang on to that momentum.

~ ~ ~

(Not Quite) Roughing It (on AO3)
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)

Slash - Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear
Characters - Walt Longmire, Henry Standing Bear, The Ferg (Longmire), Victoria "Vic" Moretti,
Tags - Affection, Nature, Camping

Teen And Up Audiences, No Warnings Apply

Summary: They stare into the fire, tucked snugly against each other despite layers and jackets. Their arms tighten around each other. Henry looks up at the inky, moonless sky, millions of bright stars hemmed in only by the dark silhouettes of the tree tops around them and the mountains beyond.

Words: 2,549

(Not Quite) Roughing It (on AO3)
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)

~ ~ ~

A Suitable Alternative by verushka70
Fandoms: due South
Slash - Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski
Characters - Diefenbaker, Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski
Alternate Universe - Vampire, Community: ds_snippets | dsc6dsnippets

Explicit, No Warnings Apply

Summary: “Take it.” Ray shoves his wrist higher under Fraser’s nose, the scent of his blood enticing. “Your eyes -- you're fanged out –- drink!”

Words: 298

A Suitable Alternative (on AO3)

~ ~ ~

Finally, Goran Višnjić: So I've been watching Timeless... and, wow, guh, hot older 40 man. Like, Tyler Hoechlin-ish (almost complete with the eyes, though they don't light his eyes properly to highlight their strange color), but almost 20 yrs older. HOT. I'll have to go back and watch all the ER eps I never saw him in because after I became an RN I stopped watching all medical shows because everything is so medically inaccurate 99% of the time and MDs are continually shown doing stuff they never do which is almost always done by RNs (like administering chemo, drawing blood, starting IVs, chest compressions, giving resuscitation meds... I could go on... sure, the doctor orders the meds or whatnot and intubates the patient for resuscitation, but RNs will keep you alive until he/she gets you intubated).

But supposedly ER had an RN consultant for accuracy. So I might give it a shot now. Because Goran is muy caliente. I think the first thing I saw Goran in was Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, but even though he was hot in that, he was also violent and creepy. Maybe I should've watched more ER -- it had some critical
acclaim, iirc -- but I was too busy watching ST:TNG, X-Files, and BTVS (not to mention Forever Knight and due South in the 90s), lol.

Prime-time medical soap opera wasn't on my radar... if it's not scifi or supernatural, I gravitate to cop shows, it seems -- or vampire cop shows, lol, since slightly more than a decade after Forever Knight was cancelled, Moonlight came along with Jason Dohring and Alex O'Loughlin both playing vampires. Ironically, Moonlight was the first thing I saw
Abigail Spencer in, and now she is a lead character on Timeless, which is the show that has rekindled my lust for Goran Višnjić.

FULL CIRCLE! \o/ My ADD brain <3s that.

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If you're undecided about going to the protest in your city/area Saturday 1/21, read this.

This is not political, it is personal.

I've been to several protests in my adult life: more than many people; way, way less than some.

I'm pushing 50 and I still go to protests sometimes. This is one of those times.

From past experience, I know when I attend a protest, I will:

1) feel BETTER!
3) take ACTION/avoid passivity (and the hopelessness that goes with it)!
4) feel HOPE!
5) be with a lot of like-minded people!
6) feel COMFORTED by the SHEER NUMBERS of like-minded people!
8) COUNT AS ONLY ONE AMONG MANY (hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands)!

There is nothing like the awesome, hopeful, energized, and (perhaps unexpectedly/oddly) patriotic emotions you feel when you and tons of other like-minded people take over the streets of your city or your capitol.

It's one thing to know abstractly you're not alone; SEEING you are not alone is UPLIFTING!

HEARING hundreds or thousands of people chanting, throwing your voice in with theirs, is GALVANIZING!

It is almost tribal in a way and it is AWESOME! You feel a kind of "social high" from collective activity with other people.

Everyone agrees on the protest issue, so everyone is friendly, supportive, and nice to each other!

You'll see and meet a ton of cool people, maybe make new friends and/or run into old ones!

So if you're undecided, do the thing that will make you feel better: MARCH. PROTEST. Make your voice HEARD.

You will literally feel better, psychologically and physically.

You really will.

And you'll know you aren't alone.

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A comment to my previous DW/LJ post on 4x1 Sherlock got my reply, which compiled a bunch of links to free, public domain Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories. So I am copying my reply as a post, so that whoever wants to can find and download the Sherlock Holmes canon. \o/

I said:

Note: I am a more than casual fan of the original stories, not a completist devotee. But I love them as literary "comfort food" and the giant upon whose shoulders all subsequent crime fiction/fictional detectives stand, from House, to Longmire and friend Henry Standing Bear, to Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomqvist.

Note: Conan Doyle began writing these stories in the late 1800s. Expect some matter-of-fact period-typical sexism, racism, and imperialism.

I'll give some personal favorites &/or noteworthy stories off the top of my head, with links. Most (but not all) of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories are available free (!) in the public domain from Project Gutenberg in HTML, epub, Kindle, and mobi formats. Some are available as audio books, e.g. A Study In Scarlet! View the list of public domain Sherlock Holmes stories (sorted by popularity rather than release date or order in which they were written).
read the rest and get all the individual links hereCollapse )

Happy reading!

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I really loved Sherlock S1. Smart, attractive dudes in master/apprentice (or hero/sidekick) friendship, acknowledged by the fictional characters themselves to have slashy elements? What was not to love.

S2 I loved less so. S3 I loved least of all -- I actively hated aspects of S3. Now here we are with S4.

To understand my growing disappointment with Sherlock, and the way it has increased with each new season, I must state one major caveat up front. I'm originally a fan of the Conan Doyle source materials -- the Sherlock Holmes short stories. I read them first as a kid, again as a teen, again as an adult (in my 20s/30s/40s).

Which means I am a fan of the original, canonical Holmes and Watson and their canonical dynamic.

After S3, I was troubled by the show and not sure I would come back for S4. This was for two reasons:

1) Characterization (or character assassination) -- and the emotional manipulation of the audience that was an essential part of the characterization.

As the seasons progressed, I felt the execution of the original premise (Victorian London brilliant supersleuth dropped into the 21st century) deteriorated and got off-track.

though I am by no means a slavish devotee to the source, the character of Sherlock was progressively destroyed as seasons progressedCollapse )

Yeah, the slash was automatically beefed up by the melodrama and character assassination. But if they'd just stuck with the canonical characters, partnership, and mystery-solving -- merely updating to the 21st century -- the slash would've inevitably been there. . . without all of the emotional audience manipulation. Slash fandom would've heart-eyed Sherlock anyway.

2) Blatant misogyny -- less a minor subset of the character's canonical misanthropy than a new feature of his new, 21st century asshole personality.

it's not what you think it is, it's worseCollapse )

What pissed me off most was that once they started down the fake-apologist road with Mary, they chose to execute it in even more insidiously and subtly misogynist ways.

They both put in a wedding episode and knocked her up.

Because apparently she can't just be a female BAMF. She has to also fulfill her social and biological destiny as a vagina owner.

After S3, I told myself I wasn't going to get excited about S4. And I wasn't. I was enjoying the company of 30+ years-of-friendship friends that night.

So I watched S4E1 later. . . actually on Tuesday night, on the PBS Video app on my Roku (so I could watch in HD).

What I watched only solidified my removing Sherlock from my TV viewing list/queue.

The fake-apologist retconned female BAMF character (who never existed in canon in the first place) naturally reached the logical conclusion one would expect from the emotionally manipulative narrative the writers had created to absolve themselves of their misogyny in earlier episodes.


They killed her, of course.

So. Yeah. There is no need to watch the rest of S4.

Just my 2 cents. YMMV.

ETA: of course, the canonical Mary Morstan dies, too. However, she was never the focus of the stories, nor was Watson's married life. She was a minor character and the reason why, for a time, Watson isn't Holmes' room mate.

The way that the writers built her up and let her hijack the Holmes/Watson narrative -- all while knowing they would kill her off as she was in canon -- further highlights the cynical way they used Mary to absolve/excuse the misogyny they had created, and then killed her off when it was convenient. Really pretty revolting.

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Fandom-wise, I was not very active in 2016, but that's nothing new despite ongoing OT/PT for carpal tunnel and lateral epicondylitis since October. I managed some fic scattered across different fandoms. While I didn't finish the WIPs I wantedto finish, I finished a couple old ones, and with my lowered expectations for myself this past year, I am okay with that. I am surprised I wrote as much as I did. So, yay.

Population: 3 minus 1
Fandoms: Longmire (TV)
Words: 9,317
M/M, F/M/M
Tags: Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear, Martha Longmire/Walt Longmire/Henry Standing Bear, Long-Term Relationship(s), Grief/Mourning, Angst with a Happy Ending, Canon-Typical Violence, Explicit Sexual Content, Slow Build, OTP Feels, Threesome - F/M/M, Angst and Porn

Henry thought back to Walt silently drinking, his gaze a weight that repeatedly drew Henry's attention until the rest of the bar faded away, as if their stares at each other were the only thing in the world.

~ ~ ~

Breath and Blood for MK_Yujji (due South Seekrit Santa 2016)
Fandoms: due South
Words: 14,048
M/M, F/M
Tags: Teen And Up Audiences, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski, Benton Fraser/Victoria Metcalf, Alternate Universe - Supernatural Elements

Fraser seems to casually endanger his partners in wildly bizarre ways, as if he's bullet-proof &/or wearing a cape. Kowalski may have figured out why -- and also why Fraser doesn't always come out unscathed.

~ ~ ~

OMG, why aren't more people watching Longmire? I get that instead of a chronic low grade ongoing slashiness in every ep, Longmire instead has chronic barely-there slash with sudden spectacular eruptions in particularly slashy eps. But shows with less slashiness have garnered bigger slash fandoms. Maybe it is because both male leads are over 45 (or 50) years old and both have some gray hair, including gray chest hair on one of them? (and kudos for NOT waxing, dyeing, or weaving it!!) because the Tumblr crowd skews so young that old dudes are probably considered skeezy? I don't know. But ageism is alive and well in so many other areas of life and society, why not this one, too.

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Fibromyalgia profiteers

I got an email a couple weeks ago about an online "summit" about fibromyalgia, with fibromyalgia experts. There were to be daily "talks" which you could watch as video or audio only for free, but only on the days those talks occurred.

Against my better judgment, I signed up for it. But it was the same old shit in brand new drag -- everything offered was just to link you to other stuff they wanted you to pay for from these same "experts." I listened to only the first day, which did not tell me anything I did not already know (and that you couldn't find by carefully searching the 'net and vetting the sources) -- and then I unsubscribed.

Now, of course, you can buy the whole summit for $140. Assholes. I sure as hell wouldn't spend $140 on their recycled information! because 1.5 massages or 3.5 chiropractice adjustments would do me way more good -- for the same amount of money!

Soaking people in chronic severe pain -- we who have already spent thousands of $$ on all kinds of over-the-counter, non-prescription pain and inflammation remedies and complementary and alternative treatments like massage, chiropractice, acupuncture and herbalists (most of which is NOT covered by insurance if you're lucky enough to have it) -- for yet more money just makes my blood boil.

The fact that it's often done by complementary/alternative practitioners makes me even angrier.

And the few MDs who purport to do research but then offer links to this crap on their web sites (and/or sell overpriced supplements of their own manufacture or with their name on them or their stamp of approval) completely invalidate and de-legitimize what little research they have done by revealing their own profit motive. I'm sure they get a cut for offering the links!

They talk about how mainstream medicine has downplayed FM and has yet to offer any definitive diagnostic criteria, or treatment or cure -- yet they're just as bad, in a different way.

It just really fucking pisses me off. Grrrrr!

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