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I should've gone to bed like half an hour ago. I have to be at work at 6:30am. But I thought I'd catch Elementary.

Which continues to disappoint. I haven't even been keeping up with it this season. I watched the premiere of S5 and then it was catch as catch can -- if I caught it, I watched it; if not, oh well.

The introduction of yet another sidekick this season was pretty meh; it's become a show formula now. Whatevs. (I was glad to see Nelsan Ellis as Shinwell because I hadn't seen him since True Blood. Crossover with Lucifer so he can be together again with Kevin Alejandro/Det. Douchebag (as Lucifer calls him)? Heh, I haven't even looked for that fic, but I bet it exists!)

ANYHOO... my disappointment tonight boils down to the inevitable biological destiny writers can't seem to help imposing on the most kickass female characters.

(So help me deity/ies, if they do that to Jessica Jones, I WILL FUCKING SCREAM AND THROW THINGS)


So you bring back arguably the most kickass female character (well, after Joan Watson and Irene Adler/Moriarty, LOL) who you unceremoniously got rid of and cut off her narrative at the knees two seasons ago...

You bring her back with a baby. Of course.

Am I the only one who's like: Really, Elementary? REALLY?!

I'm not saying a woman can't be kickass AND a mom. That is NOT what I'm saying, at ALL. I was present when two of my nephews were born, I know how much childbearing kicks ass -- both of the laboring mom, and the mom of the kickass amazing process of birthing another human into the world. It's not something I would ever do myself for a variety of reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, but -- RESPECT!

And if we'd ever gotten a character hint, a narrative hint, that this was a future possibility for Kitty, then I'd probably be less disappointed. I'd still argue it was completely unnecessary, but at least I would agree there had been some foreshadowing.


I'm just openly wondering WHY kickass female characters are so frequently "softened" into motherhood by writers. Jesus, wasn't there ANOTHER reason you could've come up with why she was gone for x amount of time and super-secretive when she came back? Something more suitably... KICKASS, perhaps??

It was bad enough with Bezzerides on True Detective S2.


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