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I found out from this post that LJ has removed the secure https login, leaving only the insecure http login

So all LJ passwords have likely been or will be harvested for hacking.


I'm off to DW. My LJ updates will be READ ONLY x-posts from DW. Do not comment here any longer, please -- you won't get a reply!

ETA: As I understand it from LJ's own OpenID login FAQ, one can use OpenID on LJ because using an OpenID login/password completely bypasses. The relevent section says:

Identity accounts use a trust relationship between LiveJournal and the identity service to allow you to comment on LiveJournal using an identity others will recognize without having to create a standard LiveJournal account. LiveJournal does not gain access to your password for the identity service and the identity service does not gain access to your LiveJournal password if you have one.

So, for those comms that don't have a backup/sister comm on DW, I'm going to use my OpenID login to LJ.

If your OpenID is through LiveJournal, your password goes through Livejournal -- through the less secure http standard, which is easy to hack for password theft.

If your OpenID is through another OpenID identity service -- such as Google/Gmail -- your password does not go through Livejournal, it goes to your OpenID identity service, which should use https (Google/Gmail does).

I hope that clarifies somewhat... I know it is confusing!

This also means I have to use Gmail Circles, which I kind of loathe (and don't use). But whatever... at least it's more secure.
Not that the world was beating down my door to read my mostly-inactive LJ... but sadly, the spammers were. ETA: all comments are now screened, but my LJ is no longer Friends-locked.

I'm not that active online due to relapsing repetitive strain injuries (tendinitis) from years of non-ergonomic computer work, way before I became an RN. When I first became a nurse, we were still charting on paper. But now we use computers all day at work for patient charting... so it's making my tendinitis flare-up. Badly.

Hospital policy against nurses' use of personal cell phones except on breaks/lunch means I can't use my cell-phone at work (yet it never seems to apply to residents, interns, fellows or doctors, which is pretty bullshit if you ask me). Oh well, I can never get a signal in the old-ass buildings anyway. And since we don't get assigned individual computers, and all our work on them is monitored, and pretty much everything on AO3, LJ and DW is NSFW... well, my only time for fannish stuff is evenings, at home, after my work day has aggravated the tendinitis. /o\

But if you see something here you like and/or it looks like we've got stuff in common (like fic! and favorite shows!), friend away!

novel use of fitness equipment

Look at these velcro-secured, wide "ankle straps for cable workouts".
neoprene ankle straps

I can't be the only one who immediately thought "bondage" upon seeing these... can I? I mean, come on. They're perfect restraints!

Just get a double snap bolt
double snap bolt

and you're in business.

A length of broom handle
broom handle
with eye screws
#6 eye screw 3 pack
and more double snap bolts, you've got a spreader bar.

Put 'em on your partner's wrists, attach a short length of chain, and now you can chain 'em to ceiling pipes in the basement. Get some long cable ties, you can hog tie someone.

So versatile! So cheap and DIY! I mean, the whole setup -- with everything above and 2 pair of "ankle straps" (for wrists and ankles) -- would be under $30-40, depending where you shop!

Oh, and I guess you could use 'em to work out, too.

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So I turned 50 at the end of November.

For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, a major 50th celebration wasn't happening...Collapse )

Out of many photos of other people's phones in the dark with a spotlighted blur of Hugh, I *did* finally get 2 decent pics.

I am totally going to see Headstones next time they're in Buffalo. Or Niagara.

I was already a huge fan. Now I am a CONVERT to their live shows. And next time, I'm taking Ride_4ever with me!!

Also long overdue: recap of my 2017 ficcing... eventually. It was surprisingly productive despite months of PT/OT for lateral epicondylitis & carpal tunnel of the R forearm from Oct. 2016 through June 2017. I even Big Banged in addition to the dSSS. Go, me.

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Has anyone out there flashed a custom ROM on your Android mobile phone? A friend of a friend has asked me to do this for his Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, so he can use it on any mobile carrier he wants.

I've never flashed a custom ROM before. I've been meaning to do it on my own Android (I hate the bloatware phones come with). The only reason I haven't flashed a custom ROM on my current (or past) phone is (1) fear of bricking my only phone (boo...), and (2) sheer laziness and procrastination.

Although I'm not completely up to date tech-wise, I'm not clueless... I've installed Linux on a few machines over the last decade; I'm ex-IT -- in my previous career/life, I used to do tech support and build/repair/upgrade PCs... I've replaced keyboards and screens on laptops and netbooks in the last several years... and I always upgrade the RAM in new laptops/netbooks because they never come with enough/maximum RAM (and I refuse to pay someone to be my nerd when I can be my own nerd).

So if you have... please comment on your experience. I'm curious as to how tricky/easy it was for you.


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publications' political leanings diagram

My sister sent this to me. One of her students sent it to her. It didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know... but it does spell it out in a nicely graphical way.

political leanings of publications

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Caught this on the Weather Network app on my Roku streaming device... thought I'd share the source from Youtube!

Truly Canadian: RCMP in red serge chasing a black bear

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I actually began this in 2013. I worked on it more in 2014. It sat on my hard drive/cloud space since, and I periodically tweaked it over the years. I kept meaning to submit it to
for an amnesty prompt, and kept forgetting. Remembered just the other day, July is an amnesty month over on http://older-not-dead.livejournal.com/, so I can post it! Yay.

~ ~ ~

TITLE: Ground Rules
AUTHOR: verushka70
FANDOM: Heat (1995)
PAIRING: Vincent Hanna/Neil McCauley
GENRE: Slash
PROMPT: Amnesty -- Promptathon 05: love & hate, ?. ?/?. Special chemistry
RATING: Explicit
SUMMARY:Vincent glances over his shoulder once as he pisses. He meets Neil's eyes in the mirror over the sinks. When he does, he sees it in Neil's eyes. He will know when the time is right. There will be some sign from Neil. Vincent can feel it.
WARNINGS:(Canonical) presence of guns and ammo, which are not used for violence in the story.
TAGS: Alternate Universe, Enemies to Lovers, First Time, Fix-It, Missing Scene
DISCLAIMER: This is fair use.
NOTES:Possibly our most iconic (and hottest) Italian-American actors, in the same movie, with an actual scene together (unlike The Godfather), with some lovely, subtle enemy slash? I was so there.

Ground Rules at AO3.

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American Gods (the novel) (no spoilers)

So... when I heard Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies,
Dead Like Me -- all shows I LOVE) was doing American Gods, I decided to
read the novel first. Of course I procrastinated that.

I wanted to read it first because in the past, I've experienced a kind of
cognitive dissonance when I started watching a movie or series and
afterward read the book(s) (which came first) because the characters
described were somewhat different than as presented (and than the actors
cast) for the show or movie.

Consequently, I've avoided pre-show buzz. All I knew was that Ian McShane
was cast. Of course, less than 20 pages into the book, I knew what role
*he* was playing... heh.

So over the last week (ish), in between beta-ing efforts, I've been reading
(and listening to, when I couldn't read) Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

What an insane, lovely, sprawling, chaotic, fantastic novel. Having
received a color plate book of The Ring of the Nibelung from my brother in
high school (illustrated by the Hillebrandt brothers, big deal fantasy
illustrators back in the 70s/80s) helped me get some of the mythology, but
it isn't necessary, and in fact, knowing what I knew about Loki (the
mythological creature, not the comic book/movieverse character) was a bit
of a spoiler because, well, he's *Loki*.

(Let's put it this way: back when I worked in IT, we would name our various
servers all kinds of interesting names... but our boss was not pleased when
a couple of the network analysts wanted to name one of the background
servers Loki. "You're going to curse it to crashing a lot," she said. It
didn't, but we all saw her point.)

Never read anything by Gaiman before (terrible omission, I know, but I
haven't really called myself a scifi fan for a couple decades). But now I'm
primed to tackle some other stuff by him.

I know I tried reading some of his stuff in the 90s, but I couldn't get
into it. I think that was my ADD really taking hold though. Or just too
much other shit going on. At any rate. Here we go!


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20 First Lines Meme

I don't usually do memes, but I saw Ride-4ever's and thought, what the hey, I'll try it. The results are pretty all-over-the-place, probably because they span across dS, TW, True Detective, Moonlight, the Vampire Diaries, and Longmire fanfics -- two of which are crossovers.

Damon had found it early on while lazily snooping among Elena’s things in her room for signs of the depth of Stefan’s infatuation.

When he comes home for Christmas from college and Walt calls him and says they should get dinner, Henry's heartbeat accelerates and he feels his face warm.

They spend more time on the Rez than in Durant because the Rez is somewhat more tolerant and slightly less suspicious or panicked by one white boy on their land than whites are by a lone Indian boy.

It's dusk but there is still enough light to track and a full moon is on the rise.

They are chasing and tackling each other, then "wrassling" (as Walt's mother puts it) until one or the other gives in, buzzing with teen hijinks and the general good humor Walt exhibits more the farther from home he is.

The pounding on his door this close to sunrise startled Josef.

It was late, but Josef's vampire companions – the “up all night” party atmosphere – had eased Mick's discomfort with himself.

"There is a reason to have locks on doors," Henry murmurs.

Ray’s tiredness and color lately alarms Fraser.

Henry has done what he could to interrupt Walt's workaholic isolation, cautiously and platonically -- dropping off food, cajoling Walt to go hunting or fishing or just riding through the Bighorns.

Her hair was not wild and thick.

“You clear my schedule for the next hour?”

"That breakfast buffet was the only reason to go to that opening address, and it wasn't even good," Ray muttered, looking at the schedule of speakers, seminars, and breakout sessions for the next two days of the conference.

They get to wherever in the sticks of the bayou they're supposed to be.

It was one thing to be a rookie.

Exhausted from lacrosse practice, Stiles climbs the stairs up to his room slowly, his bookbag feeling like a ton of bricks.

"I'm telling you, they're natural enemies, Fraser," Ray grumbled from the couch, watching Dief walk over to Turtle's tank.

The failure of previous relationships to turn out like he'd hoped (let alone their tendency to turn out disastrously) has taught Derek to have exactly zero expectations from any encounter with anyone.

It is not Stiles' fault if he notices everything.

Tonight Ray will do it.

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